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Twitter, Facebook and Google ‘unwilling' to give clear answers on tackling false information

4 May 2020

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP has demanded further information from Twitter, Facebook and Google following evidence given by their representatives last week which “fell short of the standards we expect in terms of clarity and openness.”

The social media companies are criticised for an unwillingness to answer direct questions, relying on prepared answers and failing to provide statements of fact.

Chair's comments

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

“The defensive position demonstrated by the representatives sent by Twitter, Facebook and Google was deeply unhelpful and failed in clarifying what they are doing to tackle the threat posed by record levels of misinformation and disinformation online about Covid-19, some of it deadly.

“The lack of information and detail in the answers we were given showed a disregard for the important process of scrutiny.

“We're again asking the social media companies for information that was so woefully lacking in order to prove to Parliament and their users that their organisations are open and accountable for their behaviour.”

Further information

Image: Pixabay