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Homecare medicines services: an opportunity lost—Lords committee ask Government for clarification

15 February 2024

In November 2023, the Public Services Committee published its report into the Homecare medicines services provision and raised its concerns about the sector.

The Government responded to the report. However, this response did not allay some of our continued concerns and our Chair has written to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Victoria Atkins MP to further address these.

We have asked the Government to provide further information on a range of issues, including:

  • How much money is spent on homecare medicines services, and why this is currently described as “commercially sensitive”;
  • What consultation exercises are to be conducted with patient groups and clinical groups to ensure that their needs are addressed;
  • What the timelines are for the NHS’s desktop review;
  • Clarification on the collection of performance data, including whether or not the data collected contains information on the harm suffered by patients; and
  • How the person accountable for homecare will be supported to carry out their responsibilities.

Baroness Morris of Yardley, Chair of the Public Services Committee said;

“We thank the Government for its prompt response to our homecare medicines services report.  The Committee was encouraged by the evident engagement with our findings. We also welcome the update the Government has committed to providing. In the interim, we have written to highlight outstanding areas of concern so that these may be addressed with the urgency they merit.

“Getting this area right is essential to provide patients with the safe and effective care that they need. Homecare is growing, and it has the potential to ease pressure on the NHS if that care can be provided outside of hospital or clinical settings.

“We’ve asked the Government to engage with the professional and clinical bodies and patient representative groups we heard from during the course of our inquiry. We will

also write to the National Audit Office to ask them to examine value for money in a system where those making the agreements do not always understand the sector.

“We look forward to receiving an update on the progress made in the work to deliver a simpler, more effective homecare system.”


We will continue to press the Government on the Homecare medicines services sector and will post progress on our website.

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