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Public Services Committee launches new inquiry into Children’s Social Care Strategy

9 March 2023

The Public Services Committee announces a short inquiry which will consider the effectiveness of the Government’s strategy for children’s social care, and whether it will meet the identified needs in the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care report.


The Government’s strategy, Stable Homes, Built on Love: Implementation Strategy and Consultation was published in February 2023. Through a series of evidence sessions, the Committee will explore whether the strategy addresses the needs identified in the independent review, and seek ways in which children’s social care can be modified and improved. The strategy is in a consultation phase, so the time to review and influence is now, before significant work on proposed reform begins.

On Wednesday 15 March, the Committee will begin its inquiry by hearing from witnesses including Josh MacAlister who chaired the Independent Review, and Anne Longfield CBE, former Children’s Commissioner.

Possible questions

  • What is the immediate impact of the strategy for staff working with young people?
  • Analysis of two pillars of the strategy: Family Help, and changes to the ways local authorities work.
  • Which of the family-focused interventions within the strategy will work well? Where should changes be made?
  • Where is there room to influence the strategy as it stands: what are the most important changes to reflect?

Further information