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Public Services Committee

Lords Select Committee

The Public Services Committee was appointed to consider public services, including health and education.

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Committee news

Webinar: Children in crisis: the role of public services in overcoming child vulnerability
Following publication of the Public Services Committee’s report: Children in crisis: the role of public services in overcoming child vulnerability, we have gathered experts from local authorities and charities to discuss our recommendations and conclusions.
14 December 2021
Cuts led to vulnerable children “crisis”: restore support to 2010 levels, peers tell ministers
Public Services Committee publish report on role of public services in addressing child vulnerability
19 November 2021
Get joined-up to support vulnerable children and Family Hubs, Lords urge
A letter from the committee calls for ministers to get joined-up to support family services and tackle a lack of coordination of children’s policy nationally and locally.
10 August 2021
Concerns raised with Government about commissioning public services
The House of Lords Public Services Committee has written to the Government with its continued concerns on the procurement and commissioning of public services.
30 July 2021
Former Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield OBE advising Lords committee
Former Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield has been appointed specialist adviser to the Public Services Committee.
24 May 2021
Refocus ‘levelling up’ strategy and funds, peers tell government
Public Services Committee publishes its position paper on 'Levelling-up'
20 May 2021
Vulnerable Children and public services
Peers will examine how well public services tackle underlying causes of child vulnerability in families including domestic abuse, poor mental health and addiction.
16 February 2021
Public Services Committee holds its first online seminar to discuss the Committee’s first report
Public Service Committee holds online roundtable event on 16 December at 2.45pm
11 December 2020
Lessons from COVID−19: major report on public services launched
A critical juncture for public services: lessons from COVID-19 report published
13 November 2020
Defence chief, former Cabinet Secretary, Information Commissioner, UK statistics and NHSX bosses give evidence
Public Services Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 22 July 2020 at 3pm
21 July 2020
Lockdown lessons: impact of Covid-19 and experiences outside England
Public Services Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 15 July 2020, 3pm
14 July 2020
Age UK, mental health and homelessness charities give evidence on coronavirus
Public Services Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 8 July 2020 at 3pm
6 July 2020
Human rights, inequality, health and social care lessons for public services
Public Services Committee hears evidence on Thursday 2 July 2020 at 3.00pm
1 July 2020
CBI among witnesses as Peers probe COVID-19 lessons for public services
Public Services Committee talk to CBI, charities and private sector on Wednesday 24 June at 3.00pm
22 June 2020
Nurses' leader and Greater Manchester CEO give evidence on lessons from COVID-19
Public Services Committee hears from nursing, public health and local authorities leaders on Wednesday 17 June at 3.00pm
15 June 2020
Lockdown lessons - Peers quiz health, local government and children's services leaders
Public Services Committee takes evidence from care sector bodies on Wednesday 10 June at 3.00pm
8 June 2020
Policy bodies and think tanks discuss lessons for public services after coronavirus
Public Services Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 3 June at 3.00pm
2 June 2020
What lessons for UK public services from the coronavirus pandemic?
Peers launch first probe into lessons for public services from COVID-19.
29 May 2020
Lords to debate Ready for Ageing? report
The report of the Committee on Public Service and Demographic Change will be debated tomorrow
16 October 2013
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