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Committee takes evidence from senior government officials

2 September 2019

The Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies takes evidence from senior civil servants from the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), The Cabinet Office and the Department for Education.


Tuesday 3 September in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At approximately 10.35am

  • Susannah Storey, Director General for Digital and Media Policy, DCMS
  • Sarah Connolly, Director of Security and Online Harms, DCMS
  • Peter Lee, Director of the Constitution Group, Cabinet Office
  • Michelle Dyson, Director of Qualifications, Curriculum and Extra-Curricular, DfE

Possible questions

Areas the session will cover include:

  • The Online Harms White Paper and how it will approach online threats to democracy.
  • How work to support democracy in the face of online threats in coordinated across government and whether the work of relevant regulators can be better coordinated.
  • The role of education and increasing digital literacy in tackling fake news.
  • Whether the government intends to place more controls on online political advertising to ensure clarity about funding of adverts and transparency in elections.

Further information

 Image: PA