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Committee back to work with evidence from think tanks and academics

28 October 2019

The Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies takes evidence from Demos, Centre for Policy Studies and doteveryone. It will then take evidence from leading academics from the University of Oxford, King's College London and the University of Loughborough


Tuesday 29 October in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Alex Krasodomski—Jones, Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media, Demos
  • Caroline Elsom, Senior Researcher, Centre for Policy Studies
  • Rachel Coldicutt, CEO, doteveryone

At approximately 11.30am

  • Professor Helen Margetts, Director of the Oxford Internet Institute, 2011-2018
  • Dr Martin Moore, Director of the Centre for the Study of Media, Communication and Power, King's College London
  • Professor Cristian Vaccari, Professor of Political Communication, Loughborough University

Possible questions

Areas the session will cover include:

  • How technology is shaping democracy in the UK.
  • Whether greater transparency is needed in online political campaigning.
  • The role for regulators in policing online political debate.
  • Whether online platforms incentivise the spread of misinformation more than traditional media.

Further information