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Baroness O'Neill to discuss ethics of digital tech with Committee

16 July 2019

The new Democracy and Digital Technologies Committee will next week open its inquiry by taking evidence from Baroness O'Neil, a leading expert on ethics and the role of trust and accountability in politics and the media.


Tuesday 16 July in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At approximately 10.35am

  • Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve

Possible questions

Areas the Committee will cover with Baroness O'Neill include:

  • The extent to which challenges to democracy are caused by digital technologies and how far those technologies simply provide a platform for existing problems to be aired.
  • Should online platforms for responsible for moderating what is posted on their sites? Should the Government legislate to require that or does that risk the right to freedom of expression?
  • Is the right to anonymity online a good thing?
  • Who should be responsible for identifying and challenging misinformation posted online?

Further information