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Ofcom and the Information Commissioner discuss online political advertising

13 March 2020

Questions to Ofcom will focus on its likely role as the Online Harms regulator, and how it will go about establishing codes of practice for technology companies, while the Information Commissioner will be asked whether she has sufficient powers to prevent data misuse during political campaigns.


Monday 16 March in Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 2.00pm

  • Kevin Bakhurst, Group Director, Content and Media Policy, Ofcom
  • Tony Close, Director of Content Standards, Licensing and Enforcement Ofcom

At 3.00pm

  • Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner
  • Steve Wood, Deputy Information Commissioner

Possible areas for discussion

  • What are the skills and areas of expertise you think are highest priority for Ofcom to acquire in order successfully regulate online platforms?
  • How does the ICO balance the demands of addressing current problems and anticipating future problems before they arise and what else, if anything is needed to support your work in either area?
  • Does the ICO have the necessary powers and accountability mechanisms to hold both large and small actors to account? Is there a danger that by focusing on the activities of large actors, loopholes will emerge that small actors (or co-ordinated actors) can exploit to avoid accountability mechanisms? What forms of penalty for infringement would you regard as most likely to be effective for actors of different sizes?

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