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Electoral Commission to give evidence on regulating digital campaigns

3 March 2020

The Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technologies will hear from the Electoral Commission on the regulation of political campaigns and social media advertising.


Tuesday 3 March in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Louise Edwards, Director of Regulation, Electoral Commission
  • Craig Westwood Director of Communications, Policy and Research, Electoral Commission

Possible areas for discussion

  • The Electoral Commission published its report on digital campaigning 21 months ago, how much progress has been made in implementing your recommendations?
  • Do you believe that political activity using digital technology could potentially cause multiple constituency results to be called into question and undermine the legitimacy of an election? Do you feel that the UK's electoral regulation is prepared for that event?
  • If the Commission receives no additional powers, has the Commission considered how it could be more active and effective as a regulator within its current remit?

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