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Is the regulation of gambling advertising fit for purpose?

24 February 2020

The Select Committee on the Social and Economic Impact of the Gambling Industry hears from the Advertising Standards Authority on the regulation of gambling advertising, including children's exposure to gambling advertising. The Committee will also take evidence from Gambling with Lives, a charity established by families who have been bereaved by gambling related suicide.

First panel

Tuesday 25 February in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 3.20pm

  • Lord Currie, Chair, Advertising Standards Authority
  • Guy Parker, Chief Executive, Advertising Standards Authority

Areas of discussion

Topics the Committee is likely to discuss include:

  • The system of collective regulation of gambling advertising;
  • Children's exposure to gambling advertising;
  • The voluntary whistle-to-whistle ban on TV gambling adverts; and
  • The prevalence of online gambling advertising, and concerns about the regulation of social media, affiliates and user-generated content.

Second panel

Tuesday 25 February in Committee Room 4, Palace of Westminster

At 4.20pm

  • Charles Ritchie, Co-founder, Gambling with Lives
  • Liz Ritchie, Co-founder, Gambling with Lives
  • Josephine Holloway, Gambling with Lives

Areas of discussion

Questions are likely to focus on:

  • The witnesses' decision to establish Gambling with Lives, and the reaction to their work;
  • The help, support and treatment available to gamblers and their families;
  • The need for education and prevention schemes, especially for children and young people; and
  • The witnesses' views on the current system of conducting research through GambleAware.

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