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Lord Pickles discusses electoral fraud with Committee

23 July 2019

The Electoral Registration Act 2013 Committee questions Peter Stanyon of the Association of Electoral Administrators of the impact of the Act on the work of electoral administrators, followed by a discussion on electoral fraud with Lord Pickles.


Tuesday 23 July in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

At 3.30pm

  • Peter Stanyon, Chief Executive, Association of Electoral Administrators

Possible questions

  • What impact has the introduction of individual electoral registration has on work of electoral administrators?
  • What assessment has been made on the financial and resource costs of the individual electoral registration system? Do Electoral Registration Officers has adequate resources to do their job?
  • What assessment has the AEA made of the voter ID pilots?
  • What are the key problems in relation to the annual canvas at present? What difference will the proposed reforms make?

At 4.30pm

  • Rt Hon. the Lord Pickles

Possible questions

  • How would you rate the Government's effort in tackling electoral fraud since your report was published?
  • How significant do you think the introduction of individual electoral registration has been in terms of tackling fraud?
  • What further steps do you think are necessary to improve the integrity of the electoral registers, both in terms of accuracy and completeness?
  • While the Electoral Commission and others have supported your recommendation to introduce voter ID in polling stations, others have expressed concern about the impact that will have on disenfranchising voters and reducing voter turnout. How do you respond to those concerns?

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