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Barriers to electoral registration for older and disabled people examined by Committee

13 March 2020

The Select Committee on the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 hears from disabled and older people's organisations on the accessibility of the electoral registration system. Topics for discussion include barriers to registration and Government's proposals on voter ID. The Committee also takes evidence from a second panel of political party representatives on how the electoral registration system is used in political campaigning.


Tuesday 17 March in Committee Room 2, Palace of Westminster

At 3.30pm

  • Alan Mabbutt, Director General, Conservative Party
  • Tom Adams, Acting Director of Data & Targeting, The Labour Party
  • Andrew Whyte, Head of External Governance, The Labour Party

At 4.30pm

  • Fazilet Hadi, Policy Manager, Disability Rights UK
  • Matthew Harrison, Public Affairs and Parliamentary Manager, Royal Mencap Society
  • Ismail Kaji, Parliamentary Support Officer, Royal Mencap Society
  • Angela Kitching, Head of External Affairs, Age UK

Possible questions

  • What are the main barriers for registering to vote?
  • Are polling station staff and local electoral registration staff adequately trained in providing or directing people to support and guidance?
  • What do you think about the Government's proposals to introduce voter ID requirements? What implications might this have?
  • Do the Government's proposals to improve support for disabled voters at polling stations go far enough?
  • What role does the electoral registration system play for political parties in their campaigns?
  • Did the 2019 General Election present any particular challenges from an administrative point of view?

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