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The conduct of Lord Skidelsky

9 November 2023

The House of Lords Conduct Committee has today published a report on the conduct of Lord Skidelsky.

In its report the Conduct Committee upholds a finding by the independent Commissioner for Standards that Lord Skidelsky breached the Code of Conduct by failing to register relevant interests, and the rules on use of House of Lords facilities by using his House of Lords office as the headquarters of a charity he had set up. The Committee endorses the Commissioner’s recommendation that Lord Skidelsky be suspended from the House of Lords for a period of one month.

Lord Skidelsky did not appeal against the Commissioner’s findings, but did appeal against the recommended sanction. The Committee rejected Lord Skidelsky’s appeal. 

Lord Skidelsky’s breaches of the Code of Conduct relate to his role as Chair of Trustees of the Centre for Global Studies, a charity he set up in the early 2000s.

The House will be asked to agree the report and sanction later in November. Under Standing Order 68, members cannot debate Conduct Committee reports or sanctions, but can vote on whether or not to approve them.

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