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The conduct of Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

3 December 2020

The House of Lords Conduct Committee has today published a report on the conduct of Lord Maginnis of Drumglass

The Committee has recommended Lord Maginnis of Drumglass be suspended from the House for at least 18 months for breaching the Code of Conduct in relation to behaviour that constituted bullying and harassment against four different complainants including a parliamentary security officer and three MPs. Lord Maginnis’ harassment related to the protected characteristic of sexual orientation and the language he used was homophobic and offensive.

The Committee also recommended that Lord Maginnis’ suspension should be extended beyond 18 months if he fails to engage constructively with behaviour change training. His suspension should not end until that training is successfully completed and Lord Maginnis is able to demonstrate a clear understanding of how his behaviour impacts on other people in the Parliamentary community.

The Committee’s report follows an investigation into Lord Maginnis’ behaviour by Lucy Scott-Moncrieff the independent House of Lords Commissioner for Standards following complaints by a Parliamentary Security Officer and three MPs. All  the complainants have waived their right to anonymity and agreed their names could be published in the Committee’s report.

The report and recommended suspension will now have to be approved by the House on 7 December before coming into force. In line with new Standing Orders for reports of this nature the report and sanction can be voted on but not debated.

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