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Committee confirms new working arrangements in response to COVID-19

21 April 2020

At its first virtual meeting following the parliamentary recess, the European Statutory Instruments Committee (ESIC) has agreed new working arrangements that will allow it to continue to fulfil its statutory role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.   

ESIC was established by the House of Commons to "sift" proposed negative instruments following the passing of the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018. The Act gives Ministers wide powers to make regulations to deal with the "deficiencies in retained EU law" which may result from the UK's withdrawal from the EU.  

Under the terms of the Act, ESIC and its Lords counterpart have ten parliamentary sitting days in which to consider proposed negative instruments laid by the Government. With Parliament undergoing a process of adaptation to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Committee today agreed that it would continue to meet virtually as and when new instruments were laid.  

Chair's comments

Chair Andrew Jones MP said: 

“COVID-19 has necessitated new ways of working for us all, and Members of Parliament are no exception. These new arrangements will allow the Committee to continue to meet virtually and carry out its vital scrutiny work.”  

Further information

Image: House of Lords