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DCMS Committee to examine cybersecurity threat to connected technology

7 October 2022

MPs will investigate the dangers posed by hostile and criminal actors to connected technology, a branch which ranges from virtual assistants, smart appliances and wearable devices to smart homes and cities. Despite being used in homes, cities, businesses, and hospitals, research has found that 57% of all connected devices were vulnerable to medium- or high-severity attacks.

MPs are expected to ask experts how hostile actors might target connected devices and whether they are currently being used in ways that open them up to attack. How connected tech can facilitate domestic and sexual abuse may also be covered.  

This second session of the Connected Technology inquiry is also likely to explore the extent to which the UK’s cyber security framework is up to task and whether the Government’s Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure bill may improve cyber security standards.  


Tuesday 11 October

From 10.00 am     

  • Matt Lewis, Research Director, NCC Group 
  • Professor George Loukas, Professor of Cybersecurity, University of Greenwich 
  • Simon Moore, Director for Strategic Engagement, Palo Alto Networks 

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Image: UK MOD © Crown copyright 2020