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MPs examine the potential benefits and harms of connected technology

15 July 2022

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee examine the potential benefits and harms of connected technology, a branch which includes virtual assistants, smart appliances, wearable devices, and smart homes and cities.


Tuesday 19 July 2022, the Grimond Room, Portcullis House

At 10.00am

  • Silkie Carlo, Director, Big Brother Watch
  • Dr Lulu Shi, Research fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, Uni. of Oxford
  • Dr Leonie Tanczer, Lecturer in International Security and Emerging Technologies, UCL
  • Antony Walker, Deputy CEO, techUK

The Committee is expected to consider the potential privacy and security dangers posed by connected technology. Concerns have been raised that voice-activated assistants regularly transmit unauthorised recordings due to trigger errors.

The session may also cover fears that connected tech can enable new forms of domestic abuse through enhanced omnipresence and increased control over a living situation. This first session of the Connected Tech inquiry may also consider microtransactions and the viability of the metaverse in the near future.

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Inquiry: Luke Chesser/Unsplash