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DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP comments on appointment of Lord Grade and Orlando Fraser

4 April 2022

Following the confirmation by the Government today of Lord Grade as Chair of Ofcom and Orlando Fraser as Chair of the Charity Commission, DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

“The fact that the DCMS department has taken only a matter of hours to put aside our concerns highlights once again that there are serious underlying issues at play here. The appointments process feels broken. However, we wish the two individuals appointed the very best. They are clearly capable and we very much look forward to working with them. They both have a huge job on their hands and the Committee will be there to scrutinise and to help.”

Following pre-appointment hearings this week, the Committee did not formally endorse Mr Fraser and expressed concerns about Lord Grade’s clear lack of depth when talking about social media and online safety, while recognising his considerable experience and knowledge of the media sector.

Both of the Committee’s reports on the candidates criticised the DCMS Department’s approach to the appointment process.

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