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Government acts on Committee’s recommendations on concussion in sport

10 December 2021

The DCMS Committee has welcomed Government action on recommendations made in its report on concussion in sport which examined the links between sport and long-term brain injury.


The Government described the report and its recommendations as a ‘valuable call to action’ on how to make sport safer for everyone.

In its formal response to the Committee, Ministers welcomed the breadth of the Committee’s report, which not only looked at elite and professional sport, but also grassroots, school and community activities.

The Government has agreed to a UK protocol for concussion across all sport with all four nations developing a shared set of protocols, based on the Scottish model. Ministers have also accepted a recommendation to set up a sports concussion forum to evaluate emerging science on the issue.

On elite sport the Government accepted in full the recommendation to mandate UK Sport to take a governance role in assuring that all sports it funds raise awareness on the dangers of concussion effectively. The Government will work with UK Sport and Sport England on how to ensure sports make use of the new set of shared concussion protocols.

Crucially, the response accepts the need for a proactive role by Government to ensure that participants in sport are aware of the risks involved and that there is a precautionary approach to risk management.

Ministers agree with the recommendation that it is time to move past the concerns about how regulation may change sports and take real and effective action.

Chair's comment

Chair of the DCMS Committee Julian Knight MP said:

“I welcome the action by Government in pledging to take action on a number of our recommendations in full and in part because this will result in a much greater awareness of the risks of concussion in sport.

“Whether an elite athlete or a Saturday footballer, too much has been left to chance with the results of serious brain-injury for those involved.

“It is right that publicly funded sports accept responsibility for the real risks that players are exposed to, that the right protocols are in place, and that they make people aware of the dangers involved.

“The Government has responded to our call for urgent steps to be taken to make sport safer for everyone.”

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