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DCMS Committee calls for Yorkshire County Cricket Club to publish report into allegations of racism

8 September 2021

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight has called on Yorkshire County Cricket Club to publish immediately its report into allegations of racism made by former player Azeem Rafiq.

A statement published by the cricket club last month said its report had upheld several of the allegations made and had found that Azeem Rafiq had been the victim of ‘inappropriate behaviour’. One of the areas considered was whether the club was institutionally racist.  


DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said: 


"We are very surprised that this report has not been published by the Yorkshire County Cricket Club, given the seriousness of the allegations of racism which span more than a decade and the fact that it has taken almost three years to reach this point.


Given that YCCC said in its statement that several allegations made against the club had been upheld, and that Azeem Rafiq had been a victim of inappropriate behaviour, it is crucial that the process, the report and its full findings are made public and open to scrutiny. He deserves no less."

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