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MPs examine competition process for next operator of National Lottery

26 July 2021

The DCMS Committee launches an inquiry to examine the competition process to award the next licence for the operation of the National Lottery.


The Gambling Commission is running the competition to licence the lottery, with a preferred candidate expected to be announced in September.

The committee will also scrutinise the preferred applicant as well as the process that was involved.

Following criticism that returns for good causes had not increased at the same rate as the profits of the current operator, Camelot, changes will be made to the operation of the licence to require that contributions to these causes will rise in a similar proportion to profits.

Send us your views

The deadline for submissions is by close of play Friday 10 September.

Terms of Reference

The DCMS Committee is inviting written submissions addressing the following areas:

· How effectively has the fourth National Lottery licence competition fulfilled the Gambling Commission’s objectives?

· What will the way in which returns for good causes are calculated under the fourth licence mean for the distributing bodies and the projects they support?

· What needs to happen to ensure a smooth transition between the third and fourth licence period?

· What will the outcome of the fourth National Lottery licence competition mean for the UK’s wider lottery market?

Chair's comment

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

“The National Lottery has raised £43 billion for good causes since its launch in 1994. We want to make sure its future is in good hands.

Our concern is not only with the operation of the competition to find the next operator, but also with the Gambling Commission that is overseeing the process.

Crucially we’ll be asking what measures will be in place to ensure that when profits rise, it’s not just the operator that benefits, but good causes too.”

Camelot’s current licence to run the National Lottery will expire in 2023. The next licence is expected to be awarded in October 2021 with a two-year transition period

Further information

Image: John Keogh via Flickr (CC-BY-NC 2.0)