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MPs to call in major stakeholders over European Super League proposals

20 April 2021

Following a meeting of the DCMS Committee this morning, it is announced that MPs will hold an evidence session to examine the impact of the European Super League proposals and what action is needed to protect the future of football in the UK.

Chair's comment

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

“The DCMS Committee has given its strong support for a hearing on these momentous developments in the football world.

“We are in discussion with key players and will want to hear from major stakeholders as the impact of the new European Super League proposals unfold.

“We will reflect the widely-expressed concerns of supporters which will be at the centre of our investigation. We welcome the Government’s fan-led review announced yesterday, finally given the impetus to go ahead by these seismic events.

“No-one will be off limits in our determination to establish what needs to be done to safeguard the preciously held enjoyment the sport gives to people and to protect its legacy for the future.”

Further information

Image: PA