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Major sporting and cultural events inquiry launched

1 April 2021

A new inquiry by the DCMS Committee will examine the role of major cultural and sporting events in celebrating the UK’s national identity. Several events of international importance are due to be hosted in the UK in 2022, prompting this inquiry by MPs.

The inquiry will consider the challenges in the road ahead to the Festival UK* 2022, the start of the FIFA World Cup 2030 bidding process and the Commonwealth Games, among others. A key focus will be how the Government is using these events as opportunities to define what the UK means to both its citizens and the rest of the world. The Committee is seeking views on what is needed for these events to bring together the people and values of all four nations of the UK and the kind of impact they should aim to achieve.

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

"The ambitious series of cultural and sporting events planned for 2022 will put the UK in the global spotlight. Now is a good time to think about our national identity and how the Government can use these events to bring the nation together.

Done thoughtfully, they could be central to reigniting many parts of our economy, inspiring millions and attracting visitors from all over the world. But the scale of these events mean they come at great public expense. With some already facing steep challenges, we’ll be looking at how best to make a positive impact and deliver value for all."

Terms of Reference

The DCMS Committee is inviting written submissions by Friday 14 May addressing the following areas:

  • What does the UK public want from major cultural and sporting events, and how effectively is this being reflected in the planning and programming for events in 2022?
  • What needs to happen for major events to successfully bring people from all four nations of the UK together?
  • How should the success of major cultural and sporting events be measured and what should their legacies be?
  • What are the challenges facing the delivery of major cultural and sporting events in 2022, and the bid to host the World Cup 2030?

Further information

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