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DCMS Committee to consider links between sport and long-term brain injury

3 March 2021

MPs will examine links between sport and long-term brain injury in an inquiry to be launched on Wednesday 3 March.

The Concussion in sport inquiry will consider scientific evidence for links between head trauma and dementia and how risks could be mitigated with two sessions, the first taking place on Tuesday 9 March.

The Committee will also take evidence on the implications for youth sport, funding for further scientific research, and the role of national governing bodies and major sporting organisations in ensuring member clubs receive up to date medical advice and promote good practice.

In the second session of the inquiry, MPs will hear from individual players and governing bodies.

The inquiry will not consider material involved in on-going legal proceedings, however it will consider potential implications of successful legal action and what impact that could have on sport in the longer term.

Chair's comment

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

“This inquiry will consider scientific evidence to link sport with the incidence of long-term brain injury.

“We will look particularly at what role national governing bodies should be taking and their responsibilities to understand risks involved for players and what actions might be taken to mitigate them.

“We’re seeing a number of cases involving brain injury in sport likely to reach the doors of our law courts and we will also look at the implications for sport in the longer term of any successful legal claim.”

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