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DCMS Committee approves appointment of Richard Sharp as next BBC Chair

15 January 2021

MPs have confirmed the appointment of Richard Sharp as the new Chair of the BBC Board following his appearance before the DCMS Committee yesterday.

In a Report published today, MPs say they were impressed by Richard Sharp’s understanding of the business, the need to deliver on public service commitments, and to compete globally in a changing media landscape. Initial reservations that for the first time the key roles of Director-General and Chair of the Board would be held by individuals without editorial experience were overcome.

Chair's comments

DCMS Committee Chair Julian Knight MP said:

“Richard Sharp impressed the DCMS Committee with his understanding of how the BBC needs to compete and perform while delivering public service value in a changing media world. We wish him well in the challenges ahead.

“We have outstanding questions on equal pay at the BBC and it’s a matter of urgency that, as incoming Chair, he gets up to speed with these as quickly as possible and comes back to us with answers.

“We have previously expressed concerns about the way the appointments process was conducted, particularly in the briefing of preferred names at an early stage. We note that our view is shared by the Commissioner for Public Appointments who recognises the damage done and has called for people briefing on or behalf of ministers to keep their views to themselves.”

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