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Academics questioned on effects of the loss of grassroots sport due to Covid-19

27 November 2020

Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee hears from academics on the social, economic and health consequences of the loss of sport and activity over the past year.


Tuesday 1 December,virtual meeting

At 10.00am

  • Dr Larissa Davies, Reader in Sport Management, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Dr Claire Jenkin, Senior Lecturer in Sports Development, University of Hertfordshire
  • Dr Esther van Sluijs, Group Leader, MRC Epidemiology Unit & Centre for Diet and Activity Research

At 11.00am

  • Kieran Maguire, Senior Teacher in Accountancy, University of Liverpool
  • Dr Rob Wilson, Head of Department, Finance, Accounting & Business Systems, Sheffield Hallam University

This session of the inquiry into sport in our communities will consider immediate impacts as well as potential long-term impact the Covid-19 pandemic may have on public health and people’s participation in sport.

In the second panel, the Committee will hear from sport finance experts Kieran Maguire, presenter of the Price of Football podcast, and Dr Rob Wilson on the financing and governance of professional sport, in particular the potential of elite professional sports, such as rugby and football, to contribute more to community and grassroots sport.

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