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Premier League and EFL chiefs questiones over football rescue package negotiations

5 November 2020

Football chiefs Richard Masters and Rick Parry have been called in by the DCMS Committee over the delay in reaching a deal to secure the future of Championship and lower league clubs, following several months of failed negotiations.


Tuesday 10 November 2020, virtual meeting

At 9.30am

  • Richard Masters, Chief Executive, Premier League
  • Rick Parry, Chair, English Football League

At 10.30am

  • Greg Clarke, Chair, Football Association

The first session of the inquiry into sport in our communities has been convened due to the urgent issues in football but will also investigate the broader issues surrounding the sustainability of football at a more grassroots level.

There will be questions on the state of EFL and Premier League negotiations and obstacles to reaching a deal, the risk facing clubs and the wider football ecosystem as well as the recent proposal to reshape football financing and governance ‘Project Big Picture’, also hearing from Greg Clarke on the FA’s interest.

Chair of the DCMS Committee Julian Knight MP said:

“Many of our football clubs are already facing a precarious future yet they are being put at further risk because the football authorities who should be showing real leadership have reached a place of stalemate.

“The government has made it clear that it won’t step in. A deal must be reached before it’s too late, the loss of any club will leave a gaping hole in its community.

“We’re calling in football chiefs next week to put their case in public in an attempt to break the deadlock between the Premier League and EFL, it cannot go on.”

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