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Brexit impact on creative industries, tourism and digital market examined

16 September 2016

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee launches an inquiry into the impact of Brexit on the creative industries, tourism and the digital single market.

Call for written submissions

The Committee invites written evidence on the following issues:

  • Employment in the creative industries: Will the UK be able to attract and retain talent from across the world in order to maintain its high reputation in these industries?
  • Employment in tourism: The travel and tourism industry is particularly labour-intensive and many positions are currently filled by EU nationals. To what extent will UK citizens be willing and able to fill these (often seasonal and low-paid) jobs?
  • The inward tourist industry is concerned that any more onerous visa requirements for visits will produce a reduction in the number of visitors to the UK. What is likely to happen? Is the industry capitalising on the decline in the value of the pound to promote the UK as a destination?
  • The outward tourist industry has already been affected badly by the fall in the value of the pound. What further effects are likely? What will be the impact on companies and jobs?
  • While the Intellectual Property Office has stated that the position on trademarks, designs, patents, copyright and enforcement remains the same until exit negotiations are concluded, what should happen in relation to Copyright after the UK leaves the EU?
  • The Digital Single Market: The UK digital sector currently is worth £118 billion a year; 43% of UK digital exports go to the EU.  How has UK membership of the EU helped to shape the Digital Single Market to date? What are the fears and advantages arising from the UK being outside the developing Single Market? What will happen to companies that have used the UK as a base for sales within the Single Market?
  • What will be the impact of the loss of European Union funding, both specialised (such as the Creative Europe fund) and more general (such as the Regional Development Fund). Will the UK Government replace these? Can tax exemptions or private sponsorship fill the gap?

Send in your views through the the impact of Brexit on the creative industries, tourism and the digital single market inquiry page

Deadline for written submissions is Friday 28 October 2016.

Inquiry background

The exact shape of the UK's relationship with the EU following the referendum has yet to be decided. There are different options, ranging from retaining membership of the single market through a negotiated bilateral arrangement, the "Norway model" namely being part of the European Economic Area or a relationship based on WTO membership.

Whatever is decided, there are likely to be significant impacts, some potentially negative and others potentially positive, on key economic sectors. The Committee has decided to focus on three of the most important areas falling within its remit: the creative industries, tourism and the Digital Single Market.

Chair's comment

Damian Collins MP, acting Chair of the Committee, said:

"The process of leaving the European Union is one of the greatest challenges that the United Kingdom faces today. The creative industries and tourism are two of the most important sectors in our economy, and we have to make sure that Brexit can become a success for them.

For this inquiry, we want to examine all of the challenges and opportunities that Brexit could bring. We have set out some of the specific issues that we will be focusing on, but we want to hear from people and organisations in the creative and tourism sectors on any concerns or ideas they may have relating to Brexit."

Further information

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