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Combatting doping in sport: correspondence from Dr Richard Freeman published

28 March 2017

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee has published new evidence from former Team Sky doctor Dr Richard Freeman.

Chair's comment

Commenting on the new evidence, Damian Collins MP, Chair of the Committee said:

"Dr Freeman has responded to written questions sent by the committee, following his withdrawal from the oral evidence session on 1st March; which formed part of our inquiry into doping in sport.

Dr Freeman has also confirmed to the committee that he is happy to answer any further questions in writing, and to give oral evidence when his health recovers.

Once again, this new evidence leaves major questions outstanding for Team Sky and British Cycling. In particular, why were no back up medical records kept for Bradley Wiggins in 2011, beyond those on Dr Freeman's laptop computer? Why were there not more formal protocols enforced on recording keeping, and whose responsibility was it to make sure that Team Sky's own stated policies were being enforced."

Further information

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