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The questions that MEPs should put to Mark Zuckerberg today

22 May 2018

The Chair of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, Damian Collins MP, has written to Facebook ahead of Mark Zuckerberg's public appearance before the European Parliament today.

The Committee has also shared the letter with MEPs and those attending the meeting at the EU Parliament so they can put these questions directly to Mr Zuckerberg, who has so far declined several invitations to give evidence to the Committee.

Questions that remain unanswered

This letter addresses the unanswered questions by Facebook in its letter to the Committee on 1st May 2018 following evidence from its Chief Technology Officer, including:

  • Detailed information about who at the company knew what and when about the Cambridge Analytica data breach, including when Mr Zuckerberg first knew about the breach and who was responsible for heading this up.
  • The parameters and use of political adverts on the platform, how much Russian money was spent on political advertising
  • The use of custom audiences
  • Serious issues surrounding fake accounts

Chair's comment

Damian Collins MP, Chair of the DCMS Committee, said:

"The Facebook data breach was executed in the UK and the data went to a UK company, affecting over 1 million UK users. The UK Parliament therefore should be able to question Mark Zuckerberg about this and the lessons to be learned from it, and we remain open to him giving evidence.

But if Mark Zuckerberg chooses not to address our questions by directly, we are asking colleagues at the European Parliament to help us get answers- particularly on who knew what at the company, and when, about the data breach and the non-transparent use of political adverts which continue to undermine our democracy."

Further information

The Committee continues to investigate data sharing and misuse around Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and other connected companies, as part of its wider inquiry into Fake News.

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