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MPs to question Alastair Campbell and representatives from UCL and Great Ormond Street Hospital on the impact of sport and culture on health

11 October 2018

Alastair Campbell, Dr Daisy Fancourt from University College London and Susannah Hall from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children will discuss the links between participation in sport and culture and our physical and mental health with the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee in a public session on Tuesday 16th October from 10.30am, committee room 15 in the Palace of Westminster.


Tuesday 16 October 2018, Committee Room 15, Palace of Westminster

At 10.30am

  • Alastair Campbell, mental health campaigner
  • Dr Daisy Fancourt, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care, University College London
  • Susannah Hall, Head of Arts, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, NHS Trust

About the session

The written evidence that the Committee have received for this inquiry so far shows that although the government has recognised the power of sport and culture to further health outcomes, there has been limited progress in measuring and harnessing this. MPs will put this to the witnesses and discuss what more they think the government could be doing to use arts and sports to help meet health policy objectives.

In January 2018, the Committee launched its inquiry into the social impact of participation in culture and sport. The inquiry aims assess how participation in culture and sport can contribute to UK society, focussing on five core areas: crime, education, community engagement and diversity, social mobility, and health. The inquiry seeks to understand how social impact can be measured; the achievements of current cultural or sporting programmes; and the role of the Government in the governance, funding and provision of culture and sport in the UK. The inquiry has received over 240 written submissions, testament to the volume of activity happening across the country, and the centrality of social impact to this work. More information here.

Further information

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