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Alexander Nix accepts Committee summons; Dominic Cummings refuses to appear

16 May 2018

Alexander Nix accepts DCMS Committee summons, and Committee to report the matter of Cummings's refusal to appear to the House.

Alexander Nix of Cambridge Analytica has accepted a formal summons issued by the DCMS Committee, and will appear in a public session of the Committee on Wednesday 6 June.
Former campaign director of Vote Leave, Dominic Cummings, had also been issued with formal summons to appear next Tuesday 22 May but has refused to appear on that date. Prior to the summons being issued Mr Cummings had been sent several invitations to appear.
The Committee will therefore be reporting the matter of Cummings's refusal to appear to the House.

Chair's comment

Damian Collins MP, Chair of the DCMS Committee, said:

“We are glad that Alexander Nix has accepted our summons. The Committee will use the opportunity to address numerous inconsistencies in his previous evidence.
“We are disappointed that Dominic Cummings has not responded positively to our requests for him to appear. His reasoning that he must delay giving evidence due to ongoing investigations simply does not hold up, considering that Alexander Nix, Jeff Silvester and others involved have agreed to cooperate with the Committee's investigations despite currently being subject to various investigations.

“Reporting the matter to the House is a first step which could result in a decision that a contempt of Parliament has been committed, a very serious outcome for the individual.”

Further information

The Committee continues to investigate data sharing and misuse around Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and other connected companies, as part of its wider inquiry into Fake News.

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