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Committee Chair writes to ITV for further information after Jeremy Kyle Show former contestants' evidence

9 September 2019

The DCMS Committee Chair, Damian Collins MP, has written to ITV following evidence given by former participants in the Jeremy Kyle Show, Dwayne Davison and Robert Gregory, describing their experiences on the show. They described how they were both given little or no after care, being ‘locked' in a room before appearing on stage and being sworn at by Jeremy Kyle himself.

ITV are being asked to respond a number of points by the 16th September, including:

  • To confirm whether participants on the Jeremy Kyle Show were kept on their own in a closed off room at the studios prior to filming. In addition to this, whether participants were locked in these rooms
  • Whether there were occasions in which Jeremy Kyle would swear at the contributors while on stage
  • What the purpose was of a £20 payment made to participants after the show was
  • Why both witnesses did not meet with anyone from the welfare team during the show, despite clear health problems and displaying signs of distress
  • Whether ITV studio staff told contributors that lie detector tests were 100% accurate
  • Whether Robert Gregory signed a consent form for his appearance on the show
  • Why Dwayne Davison's requests for his segment to be taken down from YouTube was declined

ITV have also been asked to provide the original footage (rushes) of the episodes featuring Dwayne Davison to the Committee.

Further information

The Reality TV inquiry was launched in May 2019 following events leading up to the decision to axe the Jeremy Kyle Show. It is considering the duty of care offered by broadcasters and programme makers to participants of reality TV shows. 
The inquiry has taken evidence from a range of broadcasters, including Channel 4 and the BBC.

Image: Unsplash