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Chair responds to Mark Zuckerberg's blog post

8 March 2019

Damian Collins MP, Chair of the UK Parliament's Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee responds to Mark Zuckerberg's blog post “A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking”:

Chair's comment

“Mark Zuckerberg's public statements on privacy need to be consistent with his company's practices on privacy behind closed doors. As we said in our report on Disinformation and ‘Fake News',  Facebook's business model to date is based on a blatant disregard for people's personal data and privacy and ruthlessly crushing other competitor apps, as evidenced by the Six4Three documents that we've published.

“It would be understandable if people do not trust Mark Zuckerberg's sudden change of heart; from championing ‘open and more connected world' to a ‘privacy-focused vision for social networking' because the trust between Facebook users and the company has been eroded. Smarter, more robust regulation such as those recommended in our Disinformation and ‘fake news' final report, currently being reviewed by the UK Government, is urgently needed.

“Rather than a manifesto for privacy, his statement could easily become an excuse for Facebook to dodge responsibility for acting against harmful content and the accounts that promote it. This is not something we would want to allow to happen.”

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Image: Parliamentary copyright