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Committee to take evidence from gamers

5 March 2019

How easy it is to quit or cut down on gaming and social media use? DCMS Committee hears from influencers and people who have quit gaming.


Tuesday 5 March, Thatcher Room, Portcullis House

At 10.30am

  • Jack Edwards, vlogger, lifestyle blogger, and BBC presenter
  • James Good, Game Quitters
  • Matúš Mikuš, Game Quitters

How easy it is to quit or cut down on gaming and social media use? The Digital, Culture Media and Sport Committee will ask James Good and Matúš Mikuš from Game Quitters, an organisation which provides peer support and resources for people trying to quit gaming. Alongside them will be Jack Edwards, a vlogger, lifestyle blogger who will discuss his own use of social media and how he thinks it can be used to influence for good.

Last week the Committee heard from experts and a clinician who specialises in treating gambling disorders about their concerns around the harms of gaming and social media and the current research on this area (which they said needs more funding.) The witnesses this week will be asked to respond to the concerns raised in the inquiry so far and for their opinions on the design of social media and gaming, their opinions on lootboxes*.

Further information


Lootboxes are virtual containers that a player buys in-game to access a randomised selection of virtual items that enhance game-play e.g. weapons or armour. It is estimated that video gamers will be spending almost £34 billion a year worldwide on controversial loot box features by 2022 (Source: research by Dr David Zendle)

Image: Unsplash