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Committee visit to New York and Washington DC Freedom of Information request

13 March 2018

The Committee visited New York and Washington DC from 4 to 9 February 2018.

Chair's comment

In response to a freedom of information request on the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee's visit to the United States in February the Chair, Damian Collins MP, said:

“Fake news and the spread of misinformation is one of the most serious threats facing our democracy today, so it warrants serious and thorough investigation. The visit will help the Committee present the most informed policy recommendations and solutions to Government when we produce our report in the coming months.
“We also used the opportunity while we were there to meet with other US organisations who will help inform our other work such as our new inquiry on the social impact of culture and sport.
“The cost of this visit was approved in the normal method by the Liaison Committee, who sign off all Select Committee visits- just as they did with the other Select Committees who also visited the United States recently.
“Because of the nature of the topic we're tackling, transparency, truth and communication, we broke with normal practice of select committee visits and decided to live broadcast the session so that people around the world could engage with its contents. In fact, these social media and tech companies rarely come up against such public scrutiny. It was always agreed with these companies that they would provide witnesses to give evidence in the United States.”

Further information

  • A list of meetings that the Committee had during the trip.
  • The estimated cost of the visit to the United States is £69,535, plus £14,655 (taken from a separate budget) for broadcasting costs.
  • Fake news inquiry page

Image: iStockphoto