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Gamers: the House of Commons needs your views

22 January 2019

Call for evidence from gamers

Is gaming harmful or helpful to society? How does the design of a game keep you playing for longer? What help is needed for people who are concerned about the amount they are gaming? What responsibilities do games designers have to their players? Are young people disproportionately affected by the addictive qualities of games and apps? What makes the UK a world leader in gaming and VR/AR and how can the industry be supported? The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee needs gamers and young people to submit their views for a new inquiry they are running on immersive and addictive technologies.

The Committee want to hear directly from people who have views and experience playing games or working in the games industry.

Submitting evidence

Written evidence to the inquiry can be submitted via the evidence portal.

Each submission should:

  • be no more than 3,000 words in length
  • be in Word format with as little use of colour or logos as possible
  • have numbered paragraphs

Further information regarding submitting evidence to Committees: Guide to submitting evidence.


VR or ‘virtual reality': created by computer software to generate an interactive user experience in a world that appears real.

AR or ‘augmented reality': superimposes a virtual or digital object on to real surroundings when viewed through a digital device.

Image: iStockphoto