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CMS Committee publishes response from Rumble on monetisation of content

22 September 2023

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee has today published the response from Rumble to its letter asking for information on the company’s approach to the monetisation of content on its platform.

The Committee has also received responses from the BBC and TikTok, after it wrote to broadcasters and social media companies regarding the allegations against Russell Brand. The Committee has also written to X, formerly known as Twitter, and Meta. A letter to the Committee from Channel 4 was also published earlier this week.

A spokesperson for the CMS Committee said:

“Following the decision of YouTube to demonetise Russell Brand’s content on the platform, and the decision of broadcasters to remove content from streaming services, the Committee wrote to other platforms to understand their approach to such content. The responses received so far have been published on the Committee’s website.

These are decisions for each platform to take, and at no point has the Culture, Media and Sport Committee asked any provider to remove content. The Committee will review the responses to all of its correspondence on this issue when the House of Commons returns in October.”

This correspondence is part of the Committee’s examination of standards of behaviour in the media, including evidence from ITV and correspondence with the BBC and The Sun earlier this year.

The Culture, Media and Sport Committee scrutinises the spending, policies and administration of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, holding ministers and organisations to account. The Committee is not part of the Government and is not responsible for taking regulatory or legal action against individuals or organisations.

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Image: Elspeth Keep/Parliament