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Government accepts key Committee recommendations to provide greater transparency on music streaming work and a more proactive approach to cultural policy

27 March 2023

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee has published the Government’s response to its follow up report on the Economics of Music Streaming, which promises to deliver ‘meaningful and lasting improvements’ to the sector.

The Committee’s initial 2021 report was acknowledged as a ‘key moment for the music industry’ by the Government and called for a ‘complete reset’ of the recorded music industry. As part of its review the Committee held an evidence session with policy experts and industry figures, releasing a follow up report in January 2023. 

In response to the Committee’s recommendation for greater transparency from the IPO on their working groups on metadata and transparency, the Government has agreed to publishing agendas and minutes of these groups shortly. It has also committed to publishing codes of practice on a transparency code of practice once finalised among industry stakeholders..

The follow-up report recommended that the IPO establish working groups on remuneration and performer rights to consider the current evidence and monitor developments in other countries. The Response notes that research into equitable remuneration, recommended by the Committee in its previous report, will be published shortly but the Government is still considering its approach on this topic.  

The Committee also recommended that the Government take a more strategic approach to policymaking regarding the creative industry. The Government agreed that the importance of a strategic approach to policy is vital for long-term success and has announced it will publish a Sector Vision of its ambitions in the sector until 2023.  The Response notes that the Creative Industries Council’s (CIC) membership, which brings together government and creative businesses, has been refreshed and the Government is committed to working with the CIC to achieve these goals.  

Chair's comments

Acting Chair of the DCMS Committee Damian Green MP said: 

“We are pleased that the Government has promised to deliver “meaningful and lasting improvements to streaming” in its response to our follow-up report on music streaming. Our initial inquiry called for a “complete reset” of streaming in response to issues facing professional musicians and independent companies in the sector, highlighting the need for equitable remuneration.

Publishing information about the work of the industry contact group, transparency and metadata working groups and research projects on remuneration and rights reversion will move the debate and policy discussions along. We also welcome the steps Ministers have taken to engage in this process, and to take a more strategic approach to cultural policy. We expect to see a renewed focus on building international partnerships so that we can promote the British creative industries around the world.

We also note that our follow-up report requested that the three major music groups provide evidence of royalties that are being paid to legacy artists following recommendations during our initial inquiry. The Committee wants to see concrete action from Government, regulators and the industry in response to its reports, and will continue to monitor the position closely.”

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