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Evidence session: Support for the creative industries

29 November 2012

Tuesday 4 December 2012
Wilson Room

In the third evidence session of the Committee’s inquiry into support for the creative economy, Members have the opportunity to question BPI (the British record industry’s trade association), UK Music (the umbrella group for the industry), the Association of Independent Music, and individuals working in the recording industry about copyright, the impact illegal downloading has had on the industry and the support and finance available to individual artists


At 10.30 am

• Geoff Taylor, Chief Executive, BPI
• Jo Dipple, Chief Executive Officer and Andy Heath, Chairman, UK Music
• Alison Wenham, Chief Executive Officer, The Association of Independent Music

At 11.15 am

• Fran Healy, singer songwriter
• Steve Levine, record producer
• Stephen Budd, music industry executive

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