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International Trade Committee explores impact of Australia deal on UK manufacturers and services

7 February 2022

The International Trade Committee kicks off its scrutiny of the Australia trade deal with a session exploring trade in manufactured goods and services at 10am on Wednesday 9 February.

Purpose of the session

In the first panel, the Committee will explore topics including the degree to which the trade agreement represents a good deal overall for UK manufacturers, the significance of tariff removal and rules on how far goods must be British-made in order to benefit from the agreement.

MPs may also investigate the impact of the agreement on the Ireland / Northern Ireland Protocol under the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

From 11am, the Committee will consider the impact of the deal on trade in services, looking at issues such as increased opportunities for movement of people between the two countries and effects on the financial services sector.

MPs may also use the session to consider the impact of temporary freedom of movement provisions contained in the deal.


From 10am

  • Richard Rumbelow, Director, International Trade and Member Relations, Make UK
  • Alessandro Marongiu, Senior Trade Policy Manager, Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
  • Sam Lowe, Director, Trade, Flint Global
  • Shanker Singham, Chief Executive Officer, Competere Ltd

from 11am

  • Alan Vallance, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Institute of British Architects
  • John Cooke, Chairman, Liberalisation of Trade in Services Committee, TheCityUK
  • Dr Minako Morita-Jaeger, Policy Research Fellow, UK Trade Policy Observatory
  • Prof Daniel Hodson, Chairman, CityUnited Project

Further information

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