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Committee investigates interaction of NI Protocol with wider UK-EU trading relationship

3 December 2021

The International Trade Committee investigates the interaction between the Northern Ireland Protocol and the UK’s wider trading arrangements with the EU


Wednesday 8 December 2021

At 10.00am

  • Stephen Kelly, CEO, Manufacturing NI
  • Aodhán Connolly, Director, Northern Ireland Retail Consortium

At 10.45am

  • Katy Hayward, Professor, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Esmond Birnie, Senior Economist, Ulster University

Following the UK’s exit from the EU, the Government implemented the Northern Ireland Protocol. One of the Protocol’s main purposes is to maintain an open land border between Ireland and Northern Ireland (NI), enabling the seamless movement of goods between NI, Ireland and the rest of the EU.

MPs will use the session to explore how the Protocol is being implemented and the ongoing negotiations between the UK and EU.

The Committee may also use the session to examine the potential impacts of triggering Article 16, and the extent to which the broader UK-EU trading relationship is insulated from tensions arising from the Protocol.

The session forms part of the Committee’s inquiry into the UK-EU trading relationship.

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