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Committee examines Government’s plans for freeports in the UK

7 September 2020

The International Trade Committee continues its inquiry into the Government’s plans for freeports in the UK.


Wednesday 9 September, virtual meeting

At 2.30pm

  • Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive Officer, British Ports Association
  • Councillor Kevin Bentley, Chair, People and Places Board, Local Government Association
  • Andrew Carter, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for Cities

At 3.30pm

  • Lars Karlsson, Chief Executive Officer, KGH Global Consulting
  • Dr Anton Moiseienko, Research Fellow, Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies, Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies
  • Charlotte Morgan, Partner, Global Energy and Infrastructure, Linklaters LLP

Earlier this year, the UK Government launched a consultation on the establishment of up to ten freeports at locations to be determined.

In this session, the Committee will first hear from the British Ports Association, Local Government Association, and Centre for Cities think-tank; with questions expected to focus on the Government’s consultation, objectives and planning proposals.

The Committee will then question a panel of customs, financial crime and legal experts about the Government’s proposals. Questions are expected to focus on the customs procedures the Government intends to use at freeports, what implications the plans could have for the UK’s obligations under World Trade Organization agreements, and the risk of illegal activities at freeport sites. This panel will feature representatives from KGH Global Consulting, the Royal United Services Institute, and Linklaters LLP.

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