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Global trade policy response to COVID-19 pandemic examined

4 June 2020

The International Trade Committee returns with a virtual evidence session examining the global policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Friday 5 June - virtual session

At 2.30pm

Panel 1

  • Professor Simon Evenett, Professor of Economics, University of St Gallen and Coordinator of Global Trade Alert
  • Soumaya Kenyes, Trade and Globalisation Editor, The Economist
  • Marianne Schneider-Petsinger, Senior Research Fellow in the US and the Americas Programme, Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House)

Panel 2

  • Peter Ungphakorn, freelance journalist and former Senior Information Officer at the World Trade Organization
  • Ambassador Alan Wolff, Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization

Purpose of the session

Having examined the impact of COVID-19 on UK trade in medicine, food, manufactured goods, services and flows of Foreign Direct Investment, this session will see the Committee consider the global trade policy response to the pandemic.

In the first panel of the session, the Committee is expected to focus on the impact of immediate measures such as export restrictions, how greater global coordination of trade-policy responses might be achieved, and what the potential long-term impact of the pandemic on global trade policy might be. The Committee will question policy experts from the Global Trade Alert database and Chatham House, and the Trade and Globalisation Editor at The Economist magazine.

The second panel of the session will focus on the response of the World Trade Organization (WTO), with one of its Deputy Director-Generals and a former Senior Information Officer of the Organization giving evidence. The Committee is expected to consider what actions the WTO has taken to encourage a coordinated global response to the pandemic by its members, as well as how it has tracked trade-related measures and data on COVID-19. The Committee will also examine the wider challenges that the WTO faces, and what future role the UK might play as an independent WTO Member.

Further information

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