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UK investment policy examined with experts

23 January 2019

The International Trade Committee takes evidence from experts on how international investment is classified and measured – and on whether evidence shows the foreign investment in the UK has dropped as a result of Brexit.


Wednesday 23 January, Wilson Room, Portcullis House

At 10.00am

  • Dr Lukas Linsi, Political Economist, University of Amsterdam
  • Dr Richard Kneller, Professor of Economics, Nottingham University
  • Courtney Fingar, Editor-In-Chief, fDi Magazine

At 11.00am

  • Dr Ilona Serwicka, Research Fellow, UK Trade Policy Observatory
  • Jonathan Athow, Deputy National Statistician and Director General, Economic Statistics, Office for National Statistics
  • Dr Henry Loewendahl, Group CEO, WAVTEQ

The Committee's inquiry is looking at both inward investment into the UK and British investment overseas, and at how effective the Government is at promoting and enabling both types of investment.

First panel

In the first panel of this session, the Committee will hear from academic experts, and the Editor-in-Chief of fDi Magazine, with the aim of defining and explaining key terms and concepts in investment.

The Committee is expected to consider the practical application of these definitions throughout its inquiry, as it examines the Department for International Trade's work promoting and encouraging investment.

Second panel

In the second panel of the session, the Committee will hear from representatives from the Office for National Statistics, the UK Trade Policy Observatory (UKTPO) and WAVTEQ (a data, technology and consulting company).

The Committee is expected to look at the various types of available data on different investment forms, and what conclusions can be drawn from those data. Both the UKTPO and WAVTEQ see Brexit as the cause for a significant drop in inward investment into the UK since 2016.

Further information

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