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Australia-US Free Trade Agreement examined

28 February 2018

The International Trade Committee continues its inquiry into UK-US trade on with an evidence session featuring The Hon Alexander Downer AC, High Commissioner of Australia to the UK.


Wednesday 28 February, Committee Room 16, House of Commons

At 9.50am

  • His Excellency Alexander Downer, High Commissioner of Australia to the United Kingdom

Purpose of the session

The session examines the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement and looks at the lessons the UK can learn as it seeks to develop its own agreement with the US.

Australia-US Free Trade Agreement

The Australia-US Free Trade Agreement was signed in May 2004 following 11 months of negotiations. The wide-ranging agreement removed tariffs from all US agricultural exports and 97% of other exports. It contains provisions covering food safety, government procurement and intellectual property rights.

Mr Downer served as Foreign Minister during the development and implementation of the agreement. The session will examine the process of negotiation and consider how successful Australia was in achieving its aims. It will look at the impact of the agreement, in particular, if any sectors particularly benefited or lost out, and how the agreement affected Australia's global trade.

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