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David Davis questioned on Brexit sectoral impact assessments

6 December 2017

The Committee on Exiting the European Union questions the Secretary of State on the progress of the Brexit negotiations.


Wednesday 6 December 2017, Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

At 9.15am

At 10.15am

  • Philip Rycroft, Permanent Secretary, Department for Exiting the European Union

Brexit sectoral analyses

The Department for Exiting the European Union supplied the impact assessments to the Committee as well as to the House of Lords and the devolved administrations.

The release of the papers follows an Opposition Day debate on November 1 to the motion passed by the House of Commons, which called on the Government to provide the Committee with "impact assessments arising from" the sectoral analyses it has conducted with regards to 58 sectors of the economy; referred to in the answer from Robin Walker MP to Question 239.

These documents will be treated in the same way as other evidence received by Select Committees, under which it is up to the Committee to decide what to do with them, when to publish them and in what form.

Following a private meeting on Monday 27 November, at which the sectoral analyses were discussed, the Committee has asked the Secretary of State to attend a public session to give evidence on the documents, and the Department's response to the Humble Address.

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