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Committee examines Trade and Cooperation Agreement

5 January 2021

The Committee on the Future Relationship with the European Union returns on Wednesday 6 January with an evidence session examining the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement announced on Christmas Eve.

Purpose of the session

In its urgent report published on 30 December, the Committee stated its intention to examine the Trade and Cooperation Agreement in greater detail in the new year.

In this evidence session, the Committee will begin by questioning a panel of legal and political experts on the content and implications of the 1246 page agreement.

Questions are expected to focus on what has been agreed in key areas such as trade in goods, level playing field provisions and fishing rights, outstanding issues still to be resolved and the agreement’s governance arrangements.


Wednesday 6 January, 9.30am

  • Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of European Union and Labour Law, University of Cambridge
  • Sam Lowe, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform
  • Raoul Ruparel, former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Europe

Further information

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