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Committee considers the state of play following ‘flextension'

29 October 2019

  • Watch on Parliament TV
  • Inquiry: The progress of the UK's negotiations on EU withdrawal
  • Exiting the European Union Committee
  • Purpose of the session

    The Committee is expected to focus on the revisions to the Ireland/Northern Ireland Protocol in the Withdrawal Agreement, exploring their impact on customs, VAT arrangements and the UK's internal market. They may also discuss the Government's proposed approach to securing consent from communities in Northern Ireland.

    The Committee may also consider the future role of Parliament during the transition period and beyond, should the Withdrawal Agreement be ratified, for example, in scrutinising the operation of the proposed EU-UK Joint Committee to oversee its implementation, and the future relationship negotiations. 


    Wednesday 30 October 2019, Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House

    From 10.00am

    • Professor Catherine Barnard, Professor of EU Law, Cambridge University
    • Dr Anna Jerzewska, Independent Customs and Trade Consultant and Independent Adviser, UN International Trade Centre
    • Raoul Ruparel OBE, former adviser to the Prime Minister on Europe 
    • Dr Jack Simson Caird, Senior Research Fellow, Bingham Centre

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