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Government films video response to adult literacy and numeracy report

11 December 2014

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills responds to BIS committee's Adult literacy and numeracy report with an accessible report and video.

The response welcomed the BIS report, in developing the national debate around adult literacy and numeracy, and ensuring that adults who find reading, writing, and maths hard will be able to access high-quality, flexible courses and training. The Government accepted many of the report's recommendations.

Adrian Bailey, Chair of the BIS Committee, said

We are pleased that many of our recommendations have been accepted by the Government, and that there is a genuine move towards improving adult literacy and numeracy levels. While we are disappointed that some of our recommendations have not been accepted, such as ensuring that prison libraries are open over the weekends, we are pleased with the general positive response, and look forward to overseeing the Government's work on improving adult literacy and numeracy, over the coming months.

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